Looking Back: Recap of Comey’s Testimony

This morning at 10AM (EST) Former FBI Director James Comey under oath “to to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” began delivering his testimony and account of his time as FBI director, his encounters with President Trump and his administration, and the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United […]

Who is Christopher Wray?

Christopher Wray is President Donald Trump’s new pick for FBI Director. Wray was an Assistant Attorney General from 2003-2005 overseeing the Justice Department’s criminal division, and headed the Enron investigation task force under President Bush. In the public sphere, he most recently served as Governor Chris Christie’s (NJ) personal attorney in the “Bridgegate” case, and now […]

Who is Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn is the current leader of the British Labour Party. He became a Member of Parliament (MP) for his district of Islington North in 1983, until the backbencher MP shockingly became the head of his party in 2015 following a crippling Labour election loss. Going into this general election, Corbyn represents the far-left leaning Brits, advocating […]

Who is Theresa May?

Theresa May is the current Conservative Prime Minister of Britain. She became a Member of Parliament for her district of Mainhead in 1997, held several “shadow cabinet” positions (which is like a cabinet made up of the minority party– i.e., if the Labour party was the majority and the Conservative Party was in the minority, […]

James Comey Testimony In Senate Intelligence Committee

James Comey will testify in the Senate Intelligence Committee at 10:00AM (EST) on June 8th, 2017. His testimony will likely address the investigation into the Trump Administration’s possible ties to Russia during the campaign, Russian meddling, and whether or not the President has made an effort to shut down or impede the investigation. This highly-anticipated hearing can be […]

Trump to Privatize Air Traffic Control

The President today has formally announced his plan to privatize (transfer control from the government to the private sector) air traffic control. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is to be turned into a nonprofit, overseeing body no longer in control of hiring or managing air traffic control. President Trump and his economic advisor Gary Cohn say […]

Several Arab Countries Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar

Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, all led by Saudi Arabia, have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. These countries have blocked off their air, sea, and land routes to the small peninsular state, and have given Qatari citizens and diplomats 2 weeks to return to their country. This move was made because of Qatar’s […]

The Rundown on James Comey

James Comey was the former FBI director from September 4, 2013 – May 9, 2017. Controversy arose during his time as director when he closed the Hillary Clinton email investigation without indicting her– leading many republicans to be upset with him– but re-opened the case less then 2 weeks before the election– leading many democrats to be […]

London Terror Attack Briefing

Just after 6PM (EST) yesterday evening, 3 masked assailants drove a van into a crowd of people on the London Bridge and continued their attack into a near by Borough Market where they stabbed dozens of people until they were fatally shot by the police. Reports are now confirming 7 dead, not including the attackers, and […]

Attack in London

7:10PM EST: Moments ago, several pedestrians were run over by a large vehicle in the  London Bridge area, and an unconfirmed number of assailants carried out a knife attack at a nearby cafe. One person is confirmed dead, and at least 20 suspected injured. There is no word yet on if the attack is terror-related, though […]