Trump to Privatize Air Traffic Control

The President today has formally announced his plan to privatize (transfer control from the government to the private sector) air traffic control. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is to be turned into a nonprofit, overseeing body no longer in control of hiring or managing air traffic control. President Trump and his economic advisor Gary Cohn say […]

Several Arab Countries Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar

Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, all led by Saudi Arabia, have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. These countries have blocked off their air, sea, and land routes to the small peninsular state, and have given Qatari citizens and diplomats 2 weeks to return to their country. This move was made because of Qatar’s […]

May U.S. Job Growth and Unemployment

Unemployment hit 4.3% this month, the lowest in 16 years. Unemployment is  defined by the U.S. government as “people who are jobless, looking for a job,people who are not currently seeking employment. While unemployment has gone down, job growth has increased at a slower rate than in the past two months– 66,000 jobs less, approximately.   […]