Looking Back: Recap of AG Sessions Testimony

On June 13th, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Intelligence committee about his meetings with President Trump regarding the Russian probe, and possible collusion with the Russian Federation during the 2016 U.S. Elections. This testimony comes less than a week after fmr. FBI Director James Comey’s hearing. Here are the main points:

  • AG Sessions could not recall if he in fact met with Russian Ambassador¬†Sergey I. Kislyak in April, 2016.
  • AG Sessions refuted certain points of James Comey’s testimony on the matter, citing that he did urge Comey to follow protocol, and went further to suggest that Comey could be in the wrong for leaking private conversations with the President.
  • The Attorney General would not reveal the content of his private conversations with the President in regards to Comey or the Russian probe, citing that it was “not proper” to disclose such information.
  • AG Sessions defended recusing himself from the investigation and stated that he would remain detached from any decision regarding the tenure of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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