ISIS Siege in the Philippines that Nobody Knows About

On May 23rd, 2017, ISIS affiliates Maute and Abu Sayyaf Salafi Jihadist groups, already living in the city, began the siege of Marawi, Philippines, after Philippine military forces attempted to intercept the head of Abu Sayyaf Salafi, Isnilon Hapilon. This led Hapilon to call for several hundred Maute reinforcements, which began the now 3 week battle for the city. On June 10th, without request of the Philippine government, U.S. Special Forces entered the battle, providing only “technical support.” While details of the battle remain limited, it is estimated that anywhere from 35-200 civilians, 100-130 militants, and over 100 government forces have been killed in the conflict. Heading into the 21st day of battle, thousands have fled the city, and government forces, with the assistance of the US Military, continue to push back the rebels.

Reports on this crisis are lacking, but Inagraph will report as the situation develops further.


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***Wikipedia is not always a reliable source, but provides reference for a situation lacking much media coverage in this case.

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