Exit Polls for British Elections

Exit polls are now showing Theresa May and the Conservatives with the largest lead, but possibly not large enough to hold the 326- Parliamentary Seat majority needed to win. Should this be the case, there would be a hung parliament. What is a hung parliament? It is a situation where no party holds the absolute majority needed to control, which often leads to coalition governments being built. In the case of this election, the Conservatives and Labour are the two leading parties, but if neither of them get to 326, they would likely have to build a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats or possibly even the Scottish National Party. Brexit will be the largest factor in which party the Lib Dems side with, as they do not agree with with Theresa May’s “hard-exit” approach, but may not be extreme enough to side with Labour, whom they differ with substantially in several policy areas. More updates to come as returns come in through the evening.

UPDATE 7:25 PM EST: The LibDems have stated that they will not likely make a coalition government with either Labour or Conservatives should neither win a majority. If no party or coalition is able to win a majority, the party or coalition with the most seats would run a minority government.


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